The History of OpenTASSEL
What does OpenTASSEL stand for?
The name of this project is OpenTASSEL; TASSEL being an acronym for:
The Open Source Top Academic System for Schools and Educational Leaders.

What problem does OpenTASSEL address?
The purpose of this project it to enable college-level educational institutions of any size to manage most aspects of their operation using open source software. This project addresses the all-to-familiar shortcomings of proprietary educational administration systems including support, extensibility, documentation, and cost.

What is the goal of OpenTASSEL?
The goal of the OpenTASSEL project is to deliver a complete, centralized, and open source software package for use by universities and community colleges in managing A/P, A/R, G/L, H/R, fixed assets, courses, students, libraries, maintenance, parking, book stores, and distance learning.

Who is responsible for OpenTASSEL?
Two official groups are responsible for working on OpenTASSEL.
The OpenTASSEL Global Development Group
The OpenTASSEL Global Development Group is responsible for steering the open source aspects of the project. Features are voted on and implemented on a consensus basis.

GNUApps, LLC. is a commercial company intent on broadening the adoption of open source software in business by focusing on custom development, documentation, support, upgrade, and migration services for OpenTASSEL and several other open source products. GNUApps is also the main contributor to OpenTASSEL development.
How can I help support OpenTASSEL?
There are several ways to support OpenTASSEL.
Monetary Donation
Plain old cash helps us purchase development and test systems for furthering OpenTASSEL.

Hardcore Development
If you're an intermediate to advanced Java code monkey with web, database, workflow, or business process experience you can donate your time to developing from our TODO list. This helps us add more features with each release.

Feature Suggestions
If you work with one of our modules on a daily basis and our module doesn't do something you need... let us know. We will then add your idea to a prospective feature list which will then be voted on.

Industry Experience
Your knowledge and experience in higher education is extremely important in developing modules that meet the needs and challanges faced by colleges and universities. By offering your knowledge to the group you are an invaluable asset.

End-User Documentation
If you're great at writing end-user documentation, we certainly have some work for you!

Standards Adherence
OpenTASSEL strives to meet all standards used in the educational and technology industries. If you are intimately familiar with any of the common IT or educational standards, you can ensure that OpenTASSEL complies with them.

OpenTASSEL Advocate
Several proprietary vendors of higher education suites are trying to make sure that they are the only option in several states of the United States. By acting as an advocate, you can get involved by writing your local legislators as-well-as spreading the word about OpenTASSEL to your colleagues.

Translation and Global Adoption
While OpenTASSEL is being initially designed for use within the United States, we need professionals from other countries to provide translations and requirements for educational systems in their country.
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